Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Countdown to Martha Stewart

In one week, I'll be baking my famous apple pie for the Pie Show on Martha Stewart. Each member of the audience must bring in a homemade pie to be judged on the show. I have been making several test-run pies in preparation, adjusting the spices, type of apples, even the type of pie pan. I won't get my pie pan back, so I have to be careful which pan I decide I can live without. My other worry was how to transport the pie from my apt in Long Island City to Martha's studio on 26th street. Luckily, my aunt Randi has telepathic powers and earlier this week she sent me this awesome pie caddy...which also has inserts for a dozen cupcakes and 18 deviled eggs! i don't make deviled eggs, however. Currently, I have a pie in the oven. Will bring it in to work tomorrow so I don't end up eating the whole thing.


  1. Good luck w/Martha. Don't worry about loosog your pie pan. If your favorite pie pan produces the best bottom crust I'll get you a new one and get one for myself too. Looking forward to making thanksgiving pies with you.

  2. thanks that's a sweet offer! i have two of Mom's aluminum pans, but I don't want to part with either of them. The disposable kind is too flimsy. Yay for Thanksgiving, can't wait!