Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Pie in the oven

this is the pie from last night. it was a terrible pie and went right in the garbage.

So this is it, the pie for Martha Stewart. I decided to go back to my original recipe for the crust and filling. The vodka/crisco crust was good and mostly flaky, but the bottom crust got a bit soggy from the filling. It turns out that mutsu apples are pretty terrible for baking. they have a weird perfumy's the only way i can describe it. i went back to Granny Smith and Gala, which seem to be a good combination.

I stopped by Williams Sonoma after work to get these cute pie crust cutters. I used the acorn and one of the leaves to add a little decoration to the top of my pie. I think it looks nice.

ok, now the pie is out of the oven and cooling on the counter.

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